Gold Coast Seafood Buffets

Gold Coast Seafood Buffets

Gold Coast Seafood Buffets

Gold Coast Seafood Buffets Seafood ,Restaurants and Seafood Markets are great places to eat.
Having lived on the Gold Coast all my life, fished the deep fishing reefs off Surfers Paradise from out of the Gold Coast seaway for over 40 years and love to eat seafood I can say with some authority I am a Gold Coast Seafood expert.

Did you know that once the famous Broadwater was once full of mud crabs ,fish and oyster leases? My Uncle Roy leased several of these oyster leases from the Government in the mid 50’s. There was a big long Jetty at the end of Nerang Street Southport that went out into the Broadwater and every thick wooden post holding up this jetty was full of big fat live oysters. While Uncle Roy collected the oysters to sell in his oyster bar located in Cavill Avenue Surfers Paradise I used to put whole oysters onto the hook on my fishing hand line to catch the Bream and sometimes even caught a small Snapper that lived in these pristine waters of the Broadwater. In those days we dined regularly on fresh fish, mud crabs and oysters all from the Broadwater that was just like our own Surfers Paradise seafood buffet restaurant.
This is a true factual story so I know about seafood wholesale prices and where are the top places to get the best and freshest seafood so you can enjoy your own personal Gold Coast seafood buffet.

Within a 5 kilometer radius of Moorings on Cavill that is located in Cavill Avenue Surfers Paradise you are within easy access are 5 great seafood market places to buy the freshest and the best seafood that is better than you can get in the most expensive Gold Coast seafood restaurants.
Find out What they Are, How I Rate Them and How to Get Transport to each seafood market location from the heart of Surfers Paradise and your apartment at Moorings on Cavill

Seafood Markets within 5 Km of Surfers Paradise

Listed below are the top 5 Best Special Seafood market places that will let you enjoy a great seafood Buffet within 5 km of Moorings on Cavill and check how I rank them.

  • Chevron Island Seafood
  • Peter’s Seafood Markets
  • Ferry Road Markets Seafood Section
  • Charis Seafood
  • Trawlers on the Spit


As an experienced local seafood expert I rate them 1- 5 as the best seafood market places on the Gold Coast and how to get to them easily and on public transport cheaply.
These are not Gold Coast seafood restaurants but market places where you can buy the best fresh seafood but some of these seafood markets will cook the seafood you buy so you can sit nearby and enjoy.


At Number 5 is the amazing Chevron Island Seafood


Chevron Island Seafood

Absolutely hands down the Gold Coast best fish & chip shops with seafood to enjoy as always they only have beautiful fresh fish and prawns.

The Gold Coast has many seafood restaurants and later we will rate these as a separate group However for a great seafood buffet to eat at your apartment that we know you will enjoy we recommend this amazing fish and chip shop located in the Chevron Island shopping Centre. As it is close to Moorings you can easily walk there for a seafood dinner.

You will love the great service, outstanding fresh fish, the most amazing baby octopus plus you will enjoy the best chips you will ever eat. The owners do a great job and make sure every customer is happy. Buy to take home or sit outside on the table and chairs and enjoy.
My favorite is grilled snapper with double cooked chips plus a big fresh Greek salad or try the fresh snapper with herb and garlic butter for a Gold Coast Seafood Buffets .

Chevron Island Seafood Trading Hours

  • Open 1000- 2000 every day
  • Address: 48-50 Thomas Dr, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217
  • Phone: 07) 5592 0027

Chevron Island cheafDirections from Moorings on Cavill

  • walk outside front door of Moorings on Cavill
  • turn left past Appel Park
  • walk for 75 meters to Chevron Island bridge
  • walk over bridge and walk straight ahead to Chevron Island shopping Centre
  • located 150 meters from end of bridge on left hand side in centre of shopping centre
  • takes 7 minutes’ walk

Chevron Island Seafood Facebook page
Chevron Island Seafood Location Map


At Number 4 is Peter’s Seafood Fish Markets


Peter’s Seafood Fish Markets

Located beachside at the Spit on the way to Sea World this is a great seafood market place. Here you can select and buy the fish and prawns from a very big range of seafood and then have it cooked for you while you wait or take away.

They have fresh daily fish and chips cooked to order. Your fish can be battered, crumbed or grilled and seasoned with lemon pepper, Cajun or Moroccan spices. Even Thai style with a garlic, chili and lime marinade is available.
Peter’s Fish Seafood Market has take-a-way or take home. You can then eat by the water’s edge, watch the boats go by as you sit under the umbrellas in the garden or on the waterfront tables in front of the boats … a great place to take the children and not so expensive for your Gold Coast Seafood Buffets

Here you can buy from a big range of fresh prawns, lobsters, shucked oysters, served natural or Kilpatrick, fresh Moreton bay bugs, calamari, marinated prawn skewers at one of the best place on the Gold Coast for your seafood buffet.

We recommend this as one of the freshest seafood to take home as a great place to get your fresh local prawns, whole fish, crabs, bugs, lobster, oysters, muscles, calamari octopus for your seafood buffet

Peters Fish Market Trading Hours:
For your seafood dishes as good as any Gold Coast seafood restaurant for take away or eat at the outdoor picnic area.

:120 Sea World Drive, Main Beach QLD 4217
(07) 5591 7747
Open daily 09.00 am – 19.30 pm


Peter’s SeafoodDirections from Moorings on Cavill

  • walk outside front door of moorings and turn left
  • walk 30 meters to bus stop outside Helm Bar
  • catch Sea World Bus and get off at Peter Seafood Market
  • Peter Seafood market are located just past Sheraton Hotel on right hand side and Versace Hotel on left side
  • Will take 12 minutes on bus

Fare Costs & Timetable
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Location Map


At Number 3 we select Ferry Road Markets Seafood Section



The Ferry road markets is a very enjoyable and at the weekends it is busy as the shops and filled with a lot families and the trend setters of the Gold Coast .Located inside Ferry Road markets is the seafood section and this is amazing.

The seafood although expensive is always very good quality. But don’t bother with the Alaskan King crab as it is a frozen import.

The fresh fish and seafood is second to none on the Gold Coast plus they make Sushi on the spot from the best seafood. The premium quality fresh local seafood is sold to direct from the ocean and I can say that they even a large selection of live seafood, oysters shucked on site and very nice fresh sushi for your Gold Coast Seafood Buffets .

They don’t cook the fish so you need to take this home but the prawns are great although expensive. Best you keep reading and find the best place to buy fresh prawns

Ferry Road Markets Seafood Trading Hours:

Public Holiday
107 Ferry Rd, Southport QLD 4215
08.00 am – 06.00 pm
09.00 am – 05.00 pm
Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day

reef2Directions from Moorings on Cavill

  • Walking takes 45 minutes over Chevron Island bridge and along Ferry Road towards Southport
  • It is not so easy to get there from Surfers Paradise by public transport unless you walk.
  • The best way is drive there in your hire car or get a Taxi

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Ferry Road Markets Location Map


At Number 2 is Charis Seafood


Charis Seafood

Feed the pelicans at 1pm every day at this incredible seafood market is located on the Broadwater at Southport. This is the best FREE tourist attraction on the Gold Coast and quite amazing. Over 100 pelican arrive on queue at 1pm every day for a seafood buffet of fish heads and fish frames. Take your swimming gear as this is a great place to have a swim in the manmade saltwater pool after you eat seafood lunch.

Charis Seafood is the home of the largest supply of fresh seafood on the Gold Coast. Charis Seafood have efficient, friendly service. The range of seafood is incredible and is worth the vist just to look at the amazing range they have on display. You can also order your fresh seafood eat it there or have delivered to your door.

Charis Seafood was established in 1995 and has become one of the most iconic businesses on the Gold Coast for fresh and cooked seafood. Located on the Gold Coast in Labrador this is a real seafood buffet where you can buy fresh seafood or get it cooked while you wait.

Every guest at Moorings on Cavill who has made the time to go to Charis Seafood Restaurant has always been amazed at the range of seafood.

Charis Seafood Trading Hours:

    Open 0900- 1750 every day except Thursday closes at 2100

Charis Seafood TradingDirections from Moorings on Cavill

  • walk 30 m outside the front door of Moorings and turn left
  • Catch the local bus outside the Helm bar to Charis Seafood at Labrador
  • Ask the bus driver for help to tell you where to get off in Labrador
  • Bus takes 20 minutes
  • Best way is by car if possible

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Location Map


And at Number 1 is Gold Coast Fishermen’s Co-Operative or the “Prawn Trawlers on the Spit”


Coast Fishermen's Co-Operative

Yes, this is where you buy the best and freshest seafood on Gold Coast from Fresh King Prawns, Spanner crabs, Moreton Bay bugs, squid, sand crabs, octopus and fish. This is a true Seafood Buffer destination that’s make it the best self-serve seafood restaurant on the Gold Coast.

Established since 1970, the Gold Coast Fishermen’s Co-Operative was one of the early developments on the Gold Coast Spit on Main Beach. For decades trawlers caught and sold their local catch to the local community on the black market as well as to the seafood suppliers. The Gold Coast City Council Health has now allowed the trawler operators to sell their catch direct to the public from their trawler’s boat at the best price they can get so.

The number of trawlers selling direct has now grown to a fleet of 20 boats consisting of Prawn Trawlers, Tuna Long Liners and a Spanner Crab Vessel. Every day the boats leave late in the evening, trawl through the night off the beaches of Surfers Paradise and return in the morning loaded up with the freshest seafood available. They then sell their catch next morning direct to the public from their boat. When you buy your seafood here you will be purchasing from the local fisherman their catch from only a few hours earlier.

The Gold Coast Fishermen’s Co-Operative is the best place to get the freshest seafood on the Gold Coast. Straight from the sea to you – the only way you could get fresher seafood is if you caught it yourself for your Gold Coast Seafood Buffets.

Eastern King Prawns are the most popular prawn for seafood lovers and are the main catch of the Gold Coast trawler fleet. The prawns are caught in the waters off Surfers Paradise and cooked to perfection in salt water on board the trawlers. The fisherman sell green and cooked prawns and they pride themselves on the high quality seafood and prawns they offer to the public. The King Prawn catch is usually greater in the winter months.

The trawlers do not operate from the 20th of September to the 1st of November each year due to the prawn breeding season so don’t go at this time.

Some Prices you will pay

  • School Prawns (Raw / Cooked) – $15.00 per kilo
  • Small – (Raw / Cooked) – $20.00 per kilo – from 15th to 31st December $25.00 per kilo
  • Medium – (Raw / Cooked) – $25.00 per kilo – from 15th to 31st December $30.00 per kilo
  • Large – (Raw / Cooked) – $30.00 per kilo – from 15th to 31st December $35.00 per kilo
  • Headless Raw Prawns – $25.00 per kilo

Prawn Trawlers Trading Hours:

      Open from 07.00 am until

sold out!

      So don’t be late


      7 days a week


      Ph. 07 5528 5783


    Mob. 0439 675 926

Prawn Trawlers on the SpitDirections from Moorings on Cavill

  • walk outside front door of moorings and turn left
  • walk 30 meters to bus stop outside Helm Bar
  • catch Sea World Bus and get off near Peters Seafood Market
  • The Trawlers are located just past Sheraton Hotel on right hand side and Versace Hotel on left side.
  • Will take 15 minutes on bus
  • We recommend that to get there by car as need to be there early

Fare Costs & Timetable from Surfers Paradise
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