What Events are Happening on the Gold Coast

You have come to the right place to see what events are happening on the Gold Coast. We are very lucky to be in Surfers Paradise, the heart of the Gold Coast and the experienced local team at The Moorings located on Cavill Avenue are in the center of the event locations to keep you updated with our local knowledge.

There are continual ongoing events all year round on the Gold Coast and most are located in Surfers Paradise so easy to walk there if you have a holiday apartment at the moorings on cavill.

There are so many events planned and going on that many guest do not know what’s happening. We recommends every guest to find out the latest events in Surfers Paradise.

Gold-Coast-Marathon-Surfers-Paradise-sign 1

As an example right now we have an amazing display of Sand Carvings all over Surfers Paradise. See our facebook for some of these great photos and details of the upcoming OCEAN FIRE. This will be another Surfers Paradise spectacle event not to be missed. If you go to RiverFire in Brisbane you will love this spectacular event.

We hope that this blog will give you some real life insights into these events from a local’s perspective so we hope you enjoy the stories of the Events as they unfold.