Surfers Paradise Beach – 10 tips on Surfers Paradise Beach to have Fun and stay Safe

Surfers Paradise Beach

All you need to know to have great time on Surfers Paradise beach

One of the first things that guest ask us is how do I get to the main beach of Surfers Paradise. This world famous beach that ranks in the World’s Top 10 beaches may be only a 6 minute walk from Moorings on Cavill riverfront holiday apartments but you need to make sure you stay safe while you have fun while you on this Gold Coast beach.

The world famous Surfers Paradise beach has many activities during the year with carols on the beach, music festivals, sporting events as well as the Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets that are on 3 night a week. One thing we can say is the Surfers Paradise weather is usually always very good as even when we get a tropical rainstorm there are still lots of activities near this great city beach of the Gold Coast
So for first time visitors to the beach to make sure they enjoy the natural beauty of this great expanse of sand with surf to die for what do they need to do? You need to know that Surfers beach is pristine and every day the Gold Coast City Councilman clean, pick up any rubbish left behind by visitors and clean the sand with a giant sieving machine so it is always in perfect condition for the visitors.

Your Safety on the Gold Coast is our main concern so read these tips carefully. The Moorings on Cavill is located on the riverfront of the Nerang River but there is no patrol of the river do not swim here but it is a great location to stay as it is an easy walk to the beach. As many Australians have grown up living near the beach they know about beach holidays as their parents often book the same Gold Coast holiday rental apartments every year. The local people know how to keep themselves safe while swimming and surfing in the ocean beaches.

But for those new visitors to the Gold Coast who have not been used to swimming the open surf of the sea you must take the following advice that will help you stay safe and make sure you enjoy your holiday and have a great time.

Moorings on Cavill riverfront holiday apartments are a great Gold Coast apartment holiday rental accommodation option that allows guest to stay on a quiet riverfront apartment location but still only 6 minutes’ walk up Cavill Avenue Mall to Surfers Paradise beach.

  1. The Surfers Paradise beach is patrolled by Lifesavers so while you have fun in the sun and especially if you have kids make sure you only SWIM BETWEEN THE FLAGS .Take precautions and find only lifesaver-patrolled locations to swim to make sure you have a safe and fun holiday for the whole family.
  2. Don’t jump straight into the ocean surf. First walk on the beautiful sandy beach and paddle at the edge of the ocean water so you get used to the pressure of the surf. Enjoy the beach as your holiday is all about the beach for you to swim it, surf it, walk it, lie on it or build castles in the sand. This will be a highlight of your trip to the Gold Coast so be careful of the water as it can be dangerous.
  3. Always be prepared as the sun in Queensland is very hot with many people getting skin cancer. We have a saying here on the Gold Coast SLIP, SLOP, SLAP!. If you do not know it means you must have sun protection of your body. We say you must Slip on a shirt, Slop on the sunscreen and Slap on a hat.
  4. Wear lightweight beach clothes as some people go to extremes, are not prepared to enjoy the beach and may be formally dressed. Do not miss your time at this great beach so take off your shoes and socks, roll up your suit pants and it doesn’t matter if you get your good clothes get wet with sea water with sand between your toes! This is a special occasion.
  5. Surfer’s beach is the centre of many EVENTS so the beach is not just about surfing and ocean but events are regularly held on the beach such as beach concerts, movie nights, Seafire and sporting entertainment. During schoolies week in November each year Surfers beach has a section cordoned off for the sole use of the schoolies so they can enjoy their special beach entertainment in a safe environment. So check out the events so you know what is on when you plan to be here.
  6. When you are new to the Gold Coast or just have not swam in the open ocean sea, you need to take following advice to help you stay safe and make the most of your holiday. The Surf Life Saving Queensland introduced the Gold Coast Beach Safety Program in 2009 that is aimed at international and domestic tourists visiting the Gold Coast during the summer months and includes an airport welcoming program, surf clinics as well as information on the many activities on the beaches. Make sure when you arrive at the airport or ask at your Gold Coast holiday rental accommodation reception desk and get a free brochure that explains beach and surf safety as well as an informative road map. The surf clinics will educate adults and children on keeping safe on the beach during their holiday.
  7. These 10 Tips for Sun Safety on the Gold Coast are very important as when you stay at your Surfers Paradise accommodation apartment you within a short walk to the beach without Moorings on Cavill apartments having great River views from your Gold Coast holiday rental. We know you want to spend as much time as possible soaking up the sun rays so keep in mind that the sun can be very intense so you must take precautions if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors. These are a few tips to follow:
      1) Wear a hat at all times
      2) Wear a long-sleeved shirt as the sun can still penetrate lightweight clothing.
      3) Adults and children should always wear protective eyewear like sunglasses.
      4) Be extra careful between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. as this is when the sun is very hot
      5) Families with small children should only be in full sun exposure in early morning hours between 6am-9 am and after 4 p.m.
      6) Wear blockout sunscreen with SPF 15 ++ you and make sure to reapply every 2 hours
      7) Children should have the sunscreen reapplied every two hours if they are in the surf water.
      8) Bring water to drink so you rehydrate.
      9) Pack water in your beach bag and keep everyone drinking throughout when on the beach.
      10) Have fun and a great holiday
  8. Important Tips for Water Safety that you need to know
    You will hear the sound of the surf waves rolling and the beautiful views from your Gold Coast holiday rental apartments that will make you go outdoors to want to enjoy surf and sand. Follow these 8 rules when you go into the water to keep safe.

      1) Find the red and yellow flags and always swim in between them. Flags mark the safest places to swim. Swim and surf at the beach only when patrolled by lifeguards.

      2) Read and follow the safety signs to see the conditions at the beach. These signs typically are located at beach entry points and the flagged areas.If you are unsure of conditions in the water ask a lifesaver.

      3) Surf conditions such as water depth, currents or wave sizes and types can change quickly and frequently. Ask a lifesaver who will be able to provide the best advice about the ocean.

      4) Always swim with a friend or another family member so you can look out for each other and always ask for help if you think it may be needed.

      5) Do not ever run and dive into the water

      6) Do not swim at night.

      7) Do not swim under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

      8) Keep your children and especially the young children who may not strong swimmers close to you .The surf is unpredictable and a wave an easily knock over a child very quickly and they can get swept away.

  9. If you do get into trouble in the surf then raise your hand for assistance to attract help. Try to float and wait for the lifesavers and make sure you to go with the current or rip and DO NOT TRY TO swim against the current.
  10. If you drive your car to the beach then do not leave valuables in your car .Just like all cities theft is becoming a major problem in the larger populated areas of the Gold Coast. Try not to keep anything valuable looking that is visible from the exterior and do not leave anything of value, driver’s license, passports, substantial amounts of cash in your car. Park in a well-lit car park or roadside parking lot and wind up windows.

    Should your car gets broken into, the first thing to do is to call the police then your car insurance provider. Be particularly careful with your personal possessions and travel documents in popular tourist destinations such as the Gold Coast as robberies of safe deposit facilities at cheaper hotels and hostels are not uncommon and

  11. unattended vehicles can also be targets.

Phone: 000 Queensland Police

The clear clean warm Pacific Ocean water, the golden sandy beaches and glistening sun is why the Gold Coast beaches are such a great holiday destination. Our proximity to the great beaches such as Surfers Paradise is another reason to book a Gold Coast holiday accommodation apartment rental like the Moorings on Cavill for the best holiday you will ever have.